How to add a Forum to your WordPress site

If you want to build an online community by adding a forum to your site the you do not need to develop it from scratch (unless you want to develop your own forum). There are a lot of open source forum softwares that you can use on your WordPress site. The most popular WordPress-based forum is bbPress. Continue reading

tdEditor Now Available On

We’re delighted to announce that our tdEditor theme is now available on tdEditor is a clean, simple theme suited for minimalist magazine-style sites or personal blogs. Also, tdEditor is responsive, adapting smoothly to different screen sizes. Currently, this theme is exclusive to There’s no support for it elsewhere. You can find more information about tdEditor theme here. Let us know what you think about tdEditor in the comments!

How to Round Gravatar Images in WordPress

The solution is very simple. You don’t need to use any special software to create a rounded Gravatar image. Well, you can but the other images will be not rounded ( Think about the comment section ). In order to round all Gravatar images you need to add a few lines of CSS code to your stylesheet and it will do the trick for you. Today, I will show you how to make your WordPress Gravatar images rounded. Continue reading