How to Create a Custom Home Page in WordPress

By default, WordPress shows your recent blog posts on a main home page. But you’ve probably seen a lot of WordPress sites that are using a custom home page instead of a regular blog page. In this post, I’ll show you how to create your own custom home page.

First of all you need to create a new page ( Pages > Add New ) and name it whatever you want. I usually name it “Home”. Also, you might want to disable comments for your custom front page.

If your theme comes with a custom page template specially for the home page then select it in your “Page Attributes” Pane ( right hand side ). Publish your page when you are ready.

Next step is to create a Blog Page. Navigate to Pages in your WordPress Dashboard Navigation and then click on Add New link. Name your new page whatever you want and then click on a Publish button.

Now navigate to Settings > Reading because we need to set those pages! For Front page: choose your Home Page that you have created. For Posts page: choose your Blog Page that you have created. Then click on Save Changes button.


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